Lower your Total Cost of Ownership through Standardization
Business Class Computer Systems

Benefits include:

  • Refresh your technology and create consistency across your organization
  • Minimize IT hardware costs by being able to add and replace parts with the versatility of interchangeable components and more consistent software
  • Reduce troubleshooting efforts and compatibility challenges
  • Improve efficiency and lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • On-Site Replacement Program

  • Instant hardware replacement with BBC's self warranty program
  • Avoid downtime and reduce the impact of computer systems failures, resulting in increased staff productivity

    Guaranteed Buyback Program

  • BBC will buy back our laptops at a guaranteed price after one or two years in the field
  • Reduces the overall cost of the laptop
  • Accurately budget for year-to-year technology costs
  • Allows for the opportunity to provide your staff with newer equipment on a more frequent basis

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