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Strategic Partnerships
As any buyer of services or products knows, one way to receive a discount is to purchase a large volume in order to get a volume discount. This is exactly what BBC Technology Solutions does in order to pass as much savings along to our customers as possible.

BBC Technology Solutions BUYS and SELLS assets from corporations that are:
• Downsizing
• Closing
• Moving or Relocating
• Removing Surplus Inventory
• Going Through a Technology Refresh
• View a listing of the computers and IT equipment we buy and sell.

Merchandise is purchased by the pallet load or truck load and savings is passed onto you.

We live in a global economy and in order to effectively remarket assets BBC has global contacts and partners. This allows us to be flexible and responsive in meeting our customers’ needs as well as providing a maximum return on investment for all types of equipment. At BBC we partner with your business or organization in order to meet your goal of getting the maximum value out of your surplus IT assets.

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