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IT Asset Management

When it comes time to recycle (Technology Refresh) your IT equipment, there are some important facts to keep in mind. There are several dangerous chemicals and elements in your computer and IT equipment, including PCBs, mercury, lead, phosphorus, and plastics. These materials are considered toxic and some are carcinogens. So, it is very important that at the end of the life of your IT equipment those proper environmental recycling procedures be followed.

This 60 Minutes video shows some of the effects that occur when IT equipment is not recycled in environmentally-friendly ways.

BBC Technology Solutions

Another reason to properly dispose of your copy machine, is that it stores your private information. Robert Siciliano of reports that copy machines store private information. Check out the video below.

ID Theft Security

BBC Technology Solutions works with our global partners to ensure compliance with Federal Environmental regulations concerning IT equipment. This includes following the US Department of Defense Data Eradication Standard (DOD 5220.22-M).

BBC's partners are compliant with WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment – A European Standard) when recycling. Call BBC at 513.617.4822 regarding asset management policies and procedures. BBC will ensure that your project is completed in an economical AND environmentally-friendly manner.

Additionally, when recycling, you need to ensure that your company's sensitive and proprietary information is not available to unauthorized personnel, whether inside your business or not. BBC guards your equipment until disposal is complete and will furnish you with a chain of custody for your records.

BBC has the resources to properly audit and dispose of your end-of-life IT assets. Many unethical recyclers send the e-waste out of the country, which dumps our poisons on the impoverished in other countries. So you can be confident that your end-of-life IT assets are properly and ethically destroyed.

BBC Technology Solutions specializes in the disposal of computer equipment in accordance with EPA regulations. In addition, all identifying markings from equipment are completely removed before leaving our facility. We follow all applicable state, federal and EPA regulations for the proper disposal of electronic scrap and will issue clients a Waiver of Liability against legal exposure.

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